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3dcart Setup Guide

How to setup 4-Tell in your 3dcart Store

  1. Enable Advanced API: This will allow our service to pull catalog and anonymous sales data from your store to feed into the 4-Tell Recommendation Engine. To enable Advanced API for the first time, submit a support ticket to and say, “I’d like to enable the Advanced API on my site.” You’ll need to use your main 3dcart admin email for the ticket since this is something 3dcart uses for verification purposes.
  2. Admin Access: Please grant us temporary admin access to your 3dcart site so we can upload our code to your templates. This just consists of an admin username (use and password. You can provide these credentials securely via our Dashboard. You should have received an email after signup with your temporary password. If not, sign-in with the email address used during signup, and click on ‘Forgot Password’. The system will send you a temporary one and request that you select one upon login. Once you’ve done that, you should be directed to the credentials page which has further instructions.. When the integration is complete and we’re live on your site, you can remove our admin account. Our admin user will need at least need the following permissions:
    • Orders > View
    • Orders > Export
    • Products > View
    • Products > Inventory
    • Products > Export
    • Customers > View
    • Customers > Export
    • General > Store Settings
    • General > Api Settings
    • Design > Themes

    If you need help with this, here’s a link for you:

  3. 3dCart Tier: Let us know if you are a 3dcart Standard (Mini, Starter, Gold, Professional, Power) or Enterprise (Premium, Dedicated, Duo) customer. This helps us identify your template and makes integration faster.
  4. Implementation: After you’ve given us your credentials, we’ll email you a custom Site Plan for your approval. This is where the design decisions are made for how and where 4-Tell Recommendations will appear within your site. We will match your site style sheet settings, and you have complete control over where to place the recommendations (i.e. home, product listings, cart, etc.) Once approved, we will add some JavaScript (code) to your site, and setup our service to upload your catalog and sales data on a regular schedule. All the code we install is available for you to review and customize if desired.
  5. Live Instantly: Once we have updated your templates, recommendations will immediately be displayed in real-time, on-demand, and our service will automatically extract data from your site to keep them up to date.

That’s all there is to it! Let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like a more detailed version of the above instructions (with screen shots). We can walk you through the integration steps and learn your preferences. You can contact our sales and support team at 503-746-9070 and/or