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4-Tell Dashboard Recommendations Overview

Every night your sales history, view data, and product catalog are pulled into the 4-Tell Personalization Engine. 20 base recommendations for each recommendation type are generated for every item in your catalog. The Recommendations section of the 4-Tell Dashboard is where you can see the results, along with how the recommendations were created.

4-Tell Recommendation Types

  • Top Sellers:  Overall top sellers
  • Cross-sell:  Complimentary or compatible items that are bought together
  • Similar/Up-sell:  Similar items to what is being viewed
  • Category Top Sellers: Overall top selling products by category

Note: These are baseline recommendations – this is what a new shopper to your site will see, until the first click is made.

Column Value Options

The Columns viewed can be selected via the “Columns” drop down. The options will vary depending on which tab (Top Sellers, Cross Sell, etc.) is selected. Below is the complete list of potential columns that may be displayed.

Source Value Definitions

How a particular item is selected to be included in the top 20 recommended items varies depending on the Recommendation Type.

Below are the various values you may see:

  • Top-seller: Overall site-wide (or category) top sellers, based on the recent sales.
  • Cross-sell-crowd: Complimentary items based on actual sales data of items sold with the selected item.
  • Cross-sell-genomic: Complimentary items, based on 4-Tell’s patent-pending genomic algorithms that use correlation between product categories, brands and aggregate sales.
  • Similar-crowd: Up-sell/similar items based on view data and categories of the selected item.
  • Similar-genomic: Up-sell/similar items based on 4-Tell’s patent-pending genomic algorithms based on product categories, brands and individual sales.


If you allow us to export customer information, which includes name, email, and location – and is required for putting our personalized recommendations in email – you see the red ‘Shoppers’ tab (on the right, below Catalog.) Selecting this tab allows you to choose any of your top 80 shoppers to see how recommendations will appear for them. Once a specific shopper is chosen, their information is shown in the Shopper Info window (in the upper left, above Item Details.)

Initially in the Dashboard, we display the 20 base recommendations. After selecting a shopper, your current view is personalized based on that shopper’s past purchases. Specifically, the order (i.e. rank) of the recommendations change with the shopper selected – and you can see the order change by selecting a different shopper or deselecting the current shopper (by clicking on the x in the upper left in the Shopper Info window) to get back to the base recommendations.

You can select the ‘Personal’ tab and see personal recommendations, products the selected shopper is most likely to buy based on all of their past purchases. This is a great type of recommendation to use on your Home page as well as in email.

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