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4-Tell Setup Guide


Welcome to the 4-Tell Recommendations Platform. We are committed to your success and helping you get the most of 4-Tell. This guide will give you an overview the 4-Tell Setup process and help you get up and running as fast as possible.


Setting up 4-Tell with your ecommerce system includes the following steps:


*Unless Magento Server Side

Step 1: Sign Up With 4-Tell

By now, you will have signed up for 4-Tell. We offer a monthly service with no annual contract and no cancellation penalties.

Billing is turned on when we have exhausted the five hours that are included with a new sign-up. At that point, most sites are fully integrated and will be ready for feedback or minor changes to the overall appearance.

Step 2: Log into the 4-Tell Dashboard

Once you sign up with 4-Tell, you will receive an automated email to sign into the 4-Tell Dashboard. The email will contain a temporary password and will direct you to set up a new password.

Step 3: Grant 4-Tell Ecommerce Access

Depending on the ecommerce platform you use, you will need to grant 4-Tell admin access to the system.  Please use 4-Tell as the user name and/or

Each system has slightly different steps. To read the Setup Guide for your specific platform, go here.

Step 4: Grant 4-Tell Google Analytics Access

Please add “” to your Google Analytics account, with “Read & Analyze” access. This will allow us to track how we’re doing for you too. This will also allow us to send you reports as often as you want (daily, weekly or monthly – your choice) and for you to monitor our impact too.  By now, your Account Manager will have sent you the Google Analytics guide to help you work with GA.

Step 5: Custom Site Plan

4-Tell will create a custom site plan based on our best practices for placement of recommendations. We will take into account the look and feel of your site.  You will need to approve this before moving forward. This review is usually done via email but we can also set up a call.

Step 6: Pull Data

4-Tell pulls your catalog and sales data from the past 12-18 months to build an initial data set. Once the service is up and running, this data is pulled daily at a set time.

Step 7: 4-Tell Integration

4-Tell sets up recommendations on your site based on the approved site plan.

Depending on your platform, this will be different for each. If you are using Magento, follow the Magento User’s Guide. For a JavaScript implementation, 4-Tell will log in and implement the JavaScript. With a Custom implementation, 4-Tell will send you the code to use on your site.

Step 8: Billing Turned On

Billing is turned on once five hours of setup time has been reached. This is the typical time to complete integration and review before going live.

Step 9: Go Live

Once your data is uploaded to our servers and we automatically generate recommendations (typically within an hour), your recommendations will go live. The recommendations will be updated according to the schedule that we discussed with you, typically nightly.

If you have a staging site, we will move the recommendations live with your permission.

Step 10: Review Dashboard

Once the recommendations are live on the site, your Account Manager will schedule a call with you to review the Dashboard and make sure you understand what the recommendations are and why. In the Dashboard, you’ll be able to set up specific business rules as well and customize the recommendations, if needed.

Step 11: 30 Days – Review Results

After 30 days, your Account Manager will meet with you to discuss the results and the impact that 4-Tell is having on your sales. This call will focus on Google Analytics and seeing the results we’re having together and recommend any optimization steps we might like to take.

Step 12: Quarterly Review

Your Account Manager will reach out on a quarterly basis to review how 4-Tell is helping to increase your customers’ experiences with your site. Feel free to reach out at any other time as well.

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