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General Questions

  • What are the best places to put recommendations on my website?

    There are many place you can put product recommendations on your website to increase customer engagement and eventually help them find what they’re looking for.

    The most common places include:

    • Home Page
    • Category Page
    • Product Details Page
    • Pop Up Cart
    • View Cart Page

    More advanced places to use recommendations include:

    • 404 Page
    • Search Page
    • Personal Search
    • Account Page
    • Order Confirmation
    • Blog
    • My Recommendations Page
  • How can I track how well 4-Tell is working?

    We work with Google Analytics to track page views, time on site, conversion rate and other user statistics. Specifically, the Audience Overview and Ecommerce Overview reports. Your Account Manager will send you the 4-Tell Segments to add to your Google Analytics dashboard.

    See our Google Analytics Questions below and our Google Analytics Guide for complete details about working with GA.

Dashboard Administration

  • How do I add a User to the 4-Tell Dashboard?

    Here is how to add a user to the 4-Tell Dashboard.

    1. Once you are logged into the Dashboard, select Admin Settings link in the top right menu
    Admin Settings
    1. Select Add User in the blue menu bar.
    1. Enter the new user information in the fields.
    2. Select the “User Is Account Admin” button if you’d like the user to be an admin.
    3. A list of all the sites for the account will display. You can assign a Role to the user for each site.
    4. Click the Save and Close button.
    5. Once you add the user, they will receive an email welcoming them to the 4-Tell Dashboard and asking them to set up a password.
  • How do I update a credit card?

    Here is how to update a credit card the 4-Tell Dashboard.

    1. Once you are logged into the Dashboard, select Admin Settings in the top right menu
    Admin Settings
    1. Select Billing in the blue menu bar.

    Your profile will display.

    1.  Select the Payment Methods menu.
    2. First Delete the card from file.
    3. Select New to add a new credit card.
  • Is there a place I can find our past invoices in the Dashboard?

    To see your past invoices in the dashboard, follow these steps:

    1. Once you are logged into the Dashboard, select Admin Settings in the top right menu.

    Admin Settings

    2. Select Billing in the blue menu bar.


    3. Select Statements the Billing menu.


    A list of your pass statements will display with any unpaid balance.

    4. Click the View link to see a copy of the statement.

Data Questions

  • How can I tell when the data was updated?

    To see an overview of what is happening with your data updates, follow these steps:

    1. Select the Stats > Overview
    1. In the Site Summaries table, look at the Last Catalog Update and Last Site Update areas. This will tell you the last time your data was updated.
  • How do I force a data update?

    You had a big sale over the weekend and now your prices are back to normal, but the prices of the recommended products haven’t changed. The reason is that the data feed, by default, is set to updated one time per day and might not have been updated yet.

    Here’s how to force the system to update data outside of the regular schedule:

    1. Select Controls > Data Updates


    2. Select Update Now and click the Update Now button.


    3. Click Extract when the Extract Now dialog appears.


    This will force the data to be updated now, outside of the regularly scheduled time.

Google Analytics Questions

  • How do I give 4-Tell access to my Google Analytics account?

    Please add to your analytics account so we can help optimize your results, create reports and share the results with you.

    To add 4-Tell, go into your Google Analytics account and click on Admin in the top menu.

    Next, click on User Management (left most column). You must have administrator-level access to see the list of users authorized for your account. If you do not see the list, you need to get an administrator to add 4-Tell.

    Enter ‘’ in the Add permissions for field. Read & Analyze is the right level of access. Check the Notify this user by email option so we’ll know it’s been successful and click the ‘Add’ button.