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Magento Setup Guide

Integration of the Magento extension takes less than an hour.

Just follow these simple steps – or – request the Quick Start or detailed Setup Guide (PDF with screen shots) from your 4-Tell rep.

  1. Install our free extension (Not Available!). In addition, within 1 business day, your account manager will email you the extension package and detailed setup instructions. In summary:
    • The package is installed through the ‘Direct package file upload’ section of the Connect Manager.
    • Always uninstall previous versions first
    • We recommend that you deselect ‘Put store on the maintenance mode…’
  2. From your Magento Admin Panel, go to 4-Tell Boost > Configuration. Then, fill in the following settings:
    • Enabled: Yes
    • Client Alias & Service Key: These are your secrets and are available in the 4-Tell Boost Dashboard. You will be brought to the credential page with your Client (a.k.a. Site) Alias and Service Key.
    • Mode: Live for your shopper-facing, live site. Staging for your testing site.
    • Display Settings: Please choose which recommendation blocks you would like us to use and how many recommendations to display in each block.
  3. Let us know when your extension is setup. We will verify the data feed and schedule recommendations to automatically be uploaded.
    • Please send us links to your admin panel for live and staging (if using staging). We need these links to setup the feed. We don’t need your logon information.
  4. Go back to the 4-Tell Dashboard to configure business rules. The Dashboard has its own help, and you can get a tour from your account manager. You should have received an email after signup with your temporary password. If not, sign-in with the email address used during signup, and click on ‘Forgot Password’. The system will send you a temporary one and request that you select one upon login. Once you’ve done that, you should be directed to the credentials page which has further instructions.

Once you have done this, recommendations should start showing on your site. If your template was already setup to use Magento’s manual recommendations, ours will replace them according to your admin settings above.

If your template does not include recommendations, or you want to add them to other pages such as the home page and category landing pages, we can display recommendations in carousels with JavaScript.

That’s all there is to it! Let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like a more detailed version of the above instructions (with screen shots). We can walk you through the integration steps, if needed. You can contact our sales and support team at or for more information or assistance.